“We hired HVAC GrowthLab to help us with our marketing after being referred by our business coach. They came highly recommended. We knew it was time to get serious about this so we knew we needed to do this and it just felt like the right fit. We were in the process of re-branding, working with a branding company to update our name and image. One thing Steph did that really saved us was putting together a whole strategy to promote our rebranding to our entire list of customers to let them know what was happening, and that we are still the same company with the same ownership. The emails, text messages, press releases and everything else was really well received and prevented confusion and frustration. This is something that most companies don’t think about when they decide to do a re-brand, and they lose customers because of it. But, we made sure we did it right, and we’re very happy with how smooth and stress-free everything went for us.”